DPP – Dicom Paper Print in A3 or A4 format 

 The DICOM Paper Print solution is ideal for radiology departments with digital imaging equipment but still using expensive digital film. With DPP you can print your images on standard paper in A3 or A4 format. In combination with high quality paper, the result is a printed image that feels like a classical film, with the benefit of absolute white (paper) and almost absolute black (toner) and at a price level of less than 20% of digital film.



DWS – Dicom Work Station


The DICOM Work Station is our mini PACS and the ultimate solution for small clinics and hospital departments needing an electronic patient archive. With DWS you can store over 10.000 patient cases, study cases at the 23" data monitor and copy patient files to CD/DVD. DICOM paper printing  is integrated to produce the high quality A3 or A4 print outs. Risk of data loss is prevented through a double disk system. To accommodate the study and storage of mammography cases the DICOM Work Station can also be delivered in a high resolution version with a 4K monitor.

The workstation is also suitable for general practitioners as it can query/retrieve from external PACS databases via the internet.



DPS – Dicom PACS server with 6, 9 or 12 TB storage


The DICOM PACS Server is a compact system with capacity for over 100.000 patient cases. In principle, the number of connected viewing stations is unlimited, with connections made via standard LAN. Access to the PACS is controlled by user accounts and passwords which can be managed by an IT administrator. Risk of data loss is prevented by a RAID5 disk system, and optionally by a network drive (see DBS). The DPS is compatible with all DICOM modalities. For physicians to work outside the hospital a VPN client connection to the PACS server can be established in a safe way.



DVS – Dicom Viewing Station


The DICOM Viewing Station is the main workstation for physicians to study patient cases stored in the PACS server. All commonly used DICOM viewing tools are available. Searching for patient cases can be done in different ways, e.g., patient ID, patient name, examination date, etc. Case reports can be edited and also stored in the patient file in DICOM format. CD/DVD burning is a standard function and image and/or report printing at a central DICOM printer (DPP) can be done.


DVS – Dicom Viewing Station with 8MP monitor


The DVS High Resolution version is provided with a 23.8” 4K UHD – 8MP monitor to provide hospitals with a workstation, suitable to display all image modalities to the highest resolution. In particular for mammography this is a requirement. The viewing software is the same version as used for the standard DVS. Image processing and communication is done with the desktop PC, designed to operate 24/7 at the highest reliability level.


DVS – Dicom Viewing Station for CT/MR with MPR & 3D


For radiology departments with CT and/or MR systems that need viewing workstations we offer a special version with a 2MP monitor and a viewing software package to perform Multi Planar Reconstructions (MPR) and 3D reconstructions on CT and MR image files.


DVS – Dicom Viewing Station with 3 monitors

 A common configuration at radiology viewing rooms is built with two image monitors and one administration monitor for patient selection and report editing. We offer this configuration with two image monitors in 2MP or 8MP resolution. Also a version with MPR/3D software running on the administration monitor is available.



DBS – Data Backup System with 6, 9 or 12 TB storage


To assure maximum data security, the Data Backup System gives you a secondary data storage option which can be connected to the LAN in any part of your facility, at a safe distance from the PACS server if desirable. Distributing your storage system to different locations can help ensure your data will be protected, even in the case of , for example, a fire in one part of your facilities. Updates from your PACS are made automatically. The DBS option is available in a 6TB (DBS6), a 9TB (DBS9) and an 12TB (DBS12) version.



RIS - Radiology Information System


The Radiology Information System gives the hospital a tool to control and document all the work per patient. All relevant patient demographics are brought into the system at the reception desk and automatically sent to the right modality via the HL7 compatible link.

With the Scheduler module, integrated in the RIS server, you can schedule new patient appointments for any modality at your radiology department. The layout of the Scheduler screen is flexible for selecting different time frames, like 1 day, 3 days, a work week or a full week. Appointments of 15 minutes up to a whole day can be scheduled.



WNS - Wireless Network System

The Wireless Network System makes it possible for doctors and others to review cases on their tablets and notebooks in those areas of the hospital where WiFi access points are installed. One access point is included in the WNS option but more can be installed to guarantee optimal receipt of the wireless signal at several different locations.