The Issues

In many countries where basic diagnostic care for people is limited to simple solutions, the process used to produce diagnostic images is mostly based on the old-fashioned wet film development techniques. These methods are unhealthy for the operator, the environmental pollution is high, and the result on the films is often poor due to the fact that the chemicals used are not refreshed frequently, nor applied at the right temperatures. This results in poor image quality and can lead to wrong diagnoses from unpredictable artifacts. Furthermore, systematic patient data archiving is often nonexistent, or exists only in a big pile of randomly stacked film material. Aside from the clinical problems and risks, the costs of chemicals and film are increasingly prohibitive, and the process to produce the diagnostic material is inefficient, time consuming, and costly.


The Solution

By exploiting the advantages of modern digital image processing and archiving techniques, matched to some ingenious combinations of simple user interfaces and software and hardware components, we can now deliver solutions that allow any users – whether clinics or hospitals, new or old – to employ state of the art digital image processing techniques, printing on standard paper, using any type of laser printer device, and patient data archiving on simple PACS devices. Our solutions, already successfully installed in five public hospitals in Nicaragua, are designed to be modular, and can easily be configured to deliver the functionality which best meets a specific user’s needs, ranging from an easy-to set-up and use printing solution, all the way to a complete patient data and archiving system which can store in excess of 50.000 patient cases. Because of the simplicity we have designed into our solutions, the costs to get started with high-quality image processing, printing, and viewing can be as low as €2000, with minimal service needs, and operational costs less than 10 eurocent per image. Our solution is intuitive to use and requires no more than an hour training to get up and running.


Garantee and service arrangements

  1. The warranty period starts at the date that the installation is completed and license keys are installed at the server system.
  2. A 100% guarantee is given for a period of two years after the start of validation (see point 1).
  3. The guarantee arrangement is valid for the following products delivered by CRCB-PACS BV and specified in the agreed order quotation:
    1. Server computers
    2. Monitors
    3. Viewing stations
    4. Workstations with LED printer
    5. Data Backup Systems
    6. Hard disks for patient data storage
    7. Ethernet routers
    8. Ethernet switchboxes
  4. Warrantee is given for hardware and software with the pre-condition that only trained staff is using the system elements, according to the delivered Instructions for Use.
  5. Changes in software and/or hardware made without written approval of the dealer will result in a termination of the guarantee arrangement immediately.
  6. In case of malfunction of any of the listed items in par. 3 there will be a new product shipped to the dealer who will replace the broken one with this new version. The only exception will be the hard disks for patient data storage. If such a disk is broken the disk will be removed from the server or data backup system and replaced by a new one. The software of those systems will then start to copy the patient data back to the new disk as those systems are all provided with RAID 5 data recovery. In this way patient data will never get lost.
  7. Shipment of replacement items will be done by CRCB-PACS BV free of charge. Broken parts have to be shipped back to CRCB-PACS BV in the Netherlands on cost of CRCB-PACS BV in the same packaging as the new item arrives at the dealer.
  8. Labor costs for replacement of broken items, in the first two years of operation, will be at charge of CRCB-PACS BV with a maximum of eight hours repair time.
  9. Every situation that would fall under this Warranty Statement is subject to evaluation by CRCB-PACS BV and should not imply more than reasonable cost to CRCB-PACS BV, all to be judged and decided upon at the sole discretion of CRCB-PACS BV.