CRCB-PACS BV provides state-of-the-art digital archiving systems to developing countries at manageable price levels.


The basic right for the best medical care


Following the path marked by NICHED's responsible donation program in Nicaragua, CRCB-PACS BV offers the possibility to transfer healthcare from the old analogue technique to a modern digital way of working, affordable for many countries in the world.


Why should the right to get the best medical care be limited to only the patients in western world countries? And why should developing countries continue to pollute the environment and maintain the unhealthy working conditions of their radiology technicians?

We believe it's everyone's right to get the best medical care available and for that reason we want to improve radiology practices worldwide with our PACS program.

What started as a charity project in Nicaragua under responsibility of NICHED ( resulted in the installation of five complete PACS networks, all realized with sponsor funding and private donations. Expansion of the project to other hospitals or countries through donations would not be feasible, so we decided to establish a new enterprise that can provide these digital solutions for an acceptable price to developing countries. The excellent experiences from different end users in Nicaragua (hospitals Velez Paiz, EODRA, Mauricio Abdalah, España and José Schendel) have brought us the status of Preferred Supplier for the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua. This result is based on our key success factors:

For end users:

  • Easy to use (one hour training)
  • Low costs
  • Two year warranty
  • Dicom compatibility to other modalities

For dealers:

  • Easy to install (plug and play)
  • Short training program to end users
  • Low risk maintenance
  • Expandable architecture



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CRCB-PACS BV is operating under its own responsibilities and legal settings, fully separated and independent of NICHED